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Junior dos Santos Talks Brock Lesnar, TUF 13 Coaching Staff

In an interview with PVT’s Gleidson Venga (translated by Fighters Only):
"My next bout would be for the belt but this one is welcomed. It will increase my resumé so much. I liked the choice and the opportunity to be the coach of the reality show, this will be a big challenge. My English isn’t 100% yet but I will do my best and I am sure and I will do well."

"Brock Lesnar is a very tough guy, he is different from Cain Velasquez for his height. He is a little slower but is as dangerous as Cain. It’ll be different but I will work the same thing, takedown defense and boxing."

"I’m still choosing my team… (Luiz) Dorea will be the boxing coach, Billy (Schiebe), an American friend, the Muay Thai coach. I’m thinking on someone from jiu-jitsu and perhaps Rodrigo Artilheiro in wreslting, he is very good and speaks Portuguese and English, which will help in the communication."
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The Ultimate Fighter 13 debut coverage

An older interview showing Junior dos Santos's improving english.

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