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Quote of the Day: Josh Barnett Talks Dana White

"Anything to be a detriment and it's not even just with me, it's got to do with anyone that isn't UFC, (Dana White) wants to cut it down. He wants to ruin it."

..."His end of it is entertainment. (But when) The actual root aspect of fighting is concerned, he's is a hindrance. He's unnecessary. You don't need any of that if you talk about fighting."

..."This whole clip (of Dana White’s interview) is trying to make the UFC look better and me look bad. He is very emotional and responds off the cuff. He wanted to deteriorate Strikeforce’s image in the public eye. I think Dana White often is far over the line of being unprofessional, it's too much."
- Click here to watch the full episode of The MMA Hour With Werdum, Barnett, Coker, Marquardt, Walker and more.

Strikeforce in April coverage

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