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UFC 125 Results: Thiago Silva Breaks Brandon Vera

Photo by Scott Petersen via <a href="">MMA Weekly</a>
Photo by Scott Petersen via MMA Weekly

It wasn't pretty from start to finish and it was definitely ugly as loser Brandon Vera showed off a horribly broken nose. Thiago Silva took him down and beat him up for three brutal rounds to take a unanimous decision.

Vera managed to fend off Thiago Silva's early striking blitz but found himself taken down from against the fence. Silva passed to Vera's half guard. Vera managed to break down Silva's posture and keep him from launching much offense but he spent a long time on his back. Silva then passed to side control. He flirted with north south and landed some strikes from the top. Vera used a Silva mount attempt to reclaim half guard. He then attacked a leg but had nothing and they quickly returned to Vera's guard where Silva landed some hard shots. After the bell Vera continued to walk toward Silva and the ref had to separate them.

Vera came out swinging in the second and he hurt Silva with knees and punches and kicks. Silva answered but Vera continued to score with strikes. Silva than tripped Vera and returned to his guard. Silva stepped over Vera's guard and worked for mount. Silva than rained down hard punches from half guard. Silva then got tangled up and had to settle for some body shots. He briefly got free and pounded Vera from the top. Vera somehow survived the round.

Vera came out aggressive again in the third and knocked Silva down with a leg kick. He quickly got himself taken down again though. The crow booed as Silva struggled to get an arm free to punch Vera. Then he got free and landed hard shots to the face and knees to the legs and body. Silva threatened a rear naked choke and whaled away from the top. Silva grew very frustrated and began using open hand strikes to Vera's ears mixed in with punches to the head. Vera got up bloody and bashed as the bell rang.

Cutman Stich asked Vera, "Ever had your nose broken before?" as the camera focused on Vera's grotesquely broken nose.