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UFC 121 Preview: Tito Ortiz Calls Matt Hamill a "Big Slow Ox" With a "Soft Head"

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At the 1:26 min mark:
"[Matt Hamill] He's been babied his whole life coming from being deaf of course and he's going to be babied after when I knock him out."

"He's slow; he's like a big slow ox. I'm going to pick him apart and I know his corner can't really tell him what to do and show him the mistakes he does."

"I've noticed he's deaf, so he has a soft head, you hit him with more and more shots. You people don't know this. Watch how Franklin knocked him out quick."

"You hit them with soft shots because their equilibrium, they don't have no equilibrium. And you hit them with shots and you hit them with small shots, I'm not looking' for big shots. I'm looking' for small shots. Little small shots and by the second, middle of the third round you're going to see someone going to sleep and I'll snuggle him."