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Scott Coker Addresses Fighter Use of Oxygen Cans at Strikeforce: Houston

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Last night on my radio show:

"You know, I'll tell you, the cans, the  oxygen cans were brought to our attention actually this morning by one of our guys and I didn't see any anything, but I heard that they [Noons and Lawal] were taking some oxygen. Like you say, canned oxygen. So, we're going to look into it, but right now I just don't have enough information so I don't want to comment until I find out what it was. And from what I hear everything that they did was approved by the commission, so we'll talk to them and have a conversation with them."

You can hear the audio on segment four, roughly the 8 minute mark. The rest of my interview to be transcribed and posted here later today.

For more back story on the cans, go here.