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Exclusive Ring Psychology Interview: Matt Lindland on Chael Sonnen, Strikeforce, and the Ugly Side of MMA

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In the second edition of Ring Psychology, Dave Walsh of Headkick Legend and I spoke with Olympic Silver medalist and MMA legend Matt Lindland about his protege Chael Sonnen and Sonnen's amazing UFC 117 experience, his future with Strikeforce, and his class with Sports Management Worldwide that helps students looking to get in the fight game understand a nuanced and often very dirty business. Some excerpts from a really interesting interview:

On Chael Sonnen:

First of all, Chael's always been a big pro wrestling fan. First and foremost. So we studied that sport and the entertainment side of the business for a long time. And I have to give Chael all the credit for going out there and doing it. Obviously he's a very intelligent man to be able to pull that off. To get people to believe it and buy into it, to actually believe it so much that they did it with their wallet. They opened up their wallets and said 'I believe in this so much I'm going to go ahead and put my money down to see you prove it.'  That says a lot. It shows what kind of salesman he is.

On Fighting for Strikeforce:

I'd certainly like that, to be a part of that middleweight tournament. I think I'd make a nice addition to that show and lend some real credibility to that event. I look forward to hearing the final word- 'there will be a tournament, here is the bracket, and you'll be a part of it.' I'm looking forward to getting back in the ring. I can tell you training with Chael Sonnen and being in the room with him and still be a sparring partner that can push him...should say a lot about what kind of athlete I am.

We also spoke with Team Quest's rising star Dave Jansen about injuring his video game thumb, learning to talk trash from Sonnen, and making it back on television. Stream the show live at Angry Marks or download it from I Tunes. Feedback appreciated.