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Fedor Emelianenko's Management Responds to News of Fabricio Werdum's Injury

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I contacted M-1 Global's Director of Global Operations Evgeni Kogan and he was kind enough to answer some questions for Bloody Elbow:

Kogan: (Werdum's) gotta do what he's gotta do. The re-match will be there, pre elbow surgery or post. That's what the fans want and that's what they will eventually get.

Bloody Elbow: So no Overeem bout while we wait for Werdum?

Kogan: We have yet to talk to our partners. So news on that in a little while.

BE: When you say "our partners" does that mean Strikeforce?

Kogan: Strikeforce and Showtime.We are working with them both. Scott Coker, Ken Hershman and Jock McLean.

BE: Is there ANY possibility of Fedor fighting in Japan on New Year's Eve while he's under contract to Strikeforce?

Kogan: I think it's possible, but unlikely. Strikeforce themselves have fighters fighting in Japan.

BE: So is it something that M-1 would consider?

Kogan:  We are certainly not short of offers traditionally, for new year in Japan. I just don't think it's super realistic, but anything is possible.