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UFC 115 Preview: Pat Barry Talks Mirko Cro Cop - "Its Not Getting Out of Round One"

"Ten years ago when I was wathcing K-1, before I even started, there were five guys on a list of guys I never want to fight. Mike Tyson, Sagat from Streetfighter, Lord Shredder from Ninja Turtles, Ernesto Hoost and Mirko Croop."

"He is still the same CroCop he always was. This dude is a legend in the sport and will never be forgotten for all time. I am going to challenge myself against him. Its crazy."

"I am totally confident in my ability in my heart in my physical skill and training regimen. I am a true believer that the only person that can beat me is me."

"I would definitely bet on me if I had to make a wager on Pat Barry vs. Mirko CroCop," he added. "Absolutely, its not getting out of round one."


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