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Mirko Cro Cop Arrives in Canada for UFC 115


Mirko Cro Cop talks Pat Barry during the UFC 115 conference call: (transcribed by
..."Fighters are becoming more and more and more complete than it was before."

"But to get to victory today, in this competition, you also must have your day. It doesn't mean that I am looking for excuse, but sometimes you just don't feel good..."

"I remember in this preparation, there was a day that my sparring partners were beating me up. Next day I came and I knocked them out, all of them -- just like that, you know?"

"I just feel good that day. Some other day, I don't feel good, and when it happens on the fight, then you are in trouble. But of course, I did everything I could to prepare myself, to put my body in the best possible shape. I trained good, hard for this fight and I will do my best. I'm sure Pat will do his best, and so we will see."

"The leg is finally completely recovered. It was very hard injury, you know, so it really took time. Now it is one-and-a-half years since I had the operation, and now it's finally OK."

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