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Kickboxing Star Badr Hari Wanted by Dutch Police

Have you seen this man?
Have you seen this man?

Headkick Legend gets the story:

Sometimes the pressures of being one of the best in the world is a bit much too handle, and for K-1's Bad Boy, Badr Hari, it seems like he is always seconds from imploding. If you'll remember back to March, Badr Hari was having some fingers pointed in his direction for being involved in a February assault on a bouncer in front of a nightclub.

Badr Hari then claimed that he in no way had anything to do with this assault and his management told reporters that he was not actually wanted by police. It looks like the investigators in the case have finally made some headway in the case and have three of the four suspects were in custody and questioned. The fourth man implicated was Badr Hari, whose lawyer apparently promised police would be delivered to them on Wednesday. Wednesday came and went and there was no Badr Hari.

Hari is likely the #1 heavyweight kickboxer in the world right now, but coming on the heels of a DQ loss at his last fight for stomping a downded opponent, this is bad news indeed.

I've long hoped to see Badr Hari inside a cage, but this isn't quite what I was hoping for.

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