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UFC 116 Preview: Brock Lesnar Talks Shane Carwin - "I’m a Better Ground and Pound Guy"

"I’ve prepared. This fight I see it going either way. We can stand and I of course have superior wrestling skill. More superior than his. I wanna be able to control this fight and take it wherever I want to. I’m a better ground-and-pound guy. That’s where I’ve shown a lot of success. There’s no secrets about my game. I’m a pretty blue collar, straightforward, let’s get after it kind of fighter. My prediction is I’m coming home with the belt on Sunday morning."

"The training camp is the hardest part of this. That’s what takes a lot of fighters out of the game. It’s a grueling time. The fight itself is probably the easiest part. It’s the part that us, as athletes and competitors, love to do for the love of the game. That’s our passion, that’s our pure enjoyment, but we torture ourselves in the offseason to make ourselves better in season. It’s a long, grueling process. There’s no easy way around this game. You have to get in, you have to do fight simulation practices, and you have to get your hands dirty. For 10-12 weeks that’s what I’ve been doing. I have no problem sweating that’s for sure."

-- Brock Lesnar talks to KFAN in Minneapolis (audio starts at the 33:20 min mark), transcribed by


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