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UFC 116 Preview: Kurt Pellegrino Talks George Sotiropoulos - "Don’t Tap to Me, Go to Sleep"


"I don’t want to disrespect George Sotiropulous, who I think is a great person," said Pellegrino. "I want him to have the best fight on his hands, so that if he wins, he can say I beat the best Kurt Pellegrino in the world. And if I defeat him, I want the same thing… And I’m not looking forward to wrestling you; I already know I’m better. I just want to punch you and I want you to punch me too, and I want you to prove me wrong and that you can run a clinic on me."

"I’m not afraid of rubber guard, I’m not afraid to get punched in the face, I don’t care how this fight ends as long as me and you have a complete and utter battle. And don’t worry about arm submissions or leg locks; I will not tap, therefore I can still go after you, break it. If you get my throat, don’t worry about me tapping; just don’t tap to me either – go to sleep.

"Let’s show them how real black belts do it. Because I’m a real black belt and I don’t tap anymore. I want the same respect. Go to sleep. Fabricio Camoes ruined my fight because he tapped. Don’t tap, I won’t tap to you either, and let’s give everybody what they want. I am charged up and ready to get into a fist fight July 3rd."

-- Kurt Pellegrino (16-4) +155 vs. George Sotiropoulos (12-2) -195, full interview at


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