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Today on MMA Nation on 106.7 The Fan: Fedor Emelianenko's Loss to Fabricio Werdum, Strikeforce Results, UFC 116 Preview

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Today on MMA Nation we're doing nothing but talking about the major fallout from last night's Strikeforce: Emelianenko vs. Werdum.

  1. How did Fedor lose from a technical perspective? 50/Fifty BJJ's Seph Smith will call in to explain how Werdum managed to keep guard and lay on the triangle that changed the heavyweight division.
  2. What's next for Fedor? Should he rematch Werdum? Should there be a fight with Overeem?
  3. Is the UFC the biggest winner from last night's show?
  4. We'll also talk the results from last night's show including Le's win over Smith, Cyborg's domination over Finney, Thomson struggling against Healy and more.
  5. Looking ahead to UFC 116, we'll talk about how the stakes have been raised. This is now a contest for the number one heavyweight ranking in MMA. Will that help UFC promote the show? Will it increase PPV buys?
  6. We'll also give a complete breakdown of Lesnar vs. Carwin.

And, of course, we are taking YOUR CALLS throughout the entire show. So much to talk about, so get your thoughts in early and often.

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Talk to you then.