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Quote of the Day: Fedor Emelianenko Wants a Rematch With Fabricio Werdum

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"I'm really very sorry. It's a pity that I disappointed people who really believed in me and trusted in me, but everything in this life happens for some reason... If God decided it that way, that means that was the best way for this very time. I thank God for everything."

"At the very beginning of the round, I hit Fabricio, and I wanted to finish as soon as possible. At that very moment, I made a mistake... At the very moment when I had to escape, I stopped. I didn't do that, and that moment was used by Fabricio to finish his lock."

"I try to work out so that to come up to the fight in my best shape. The fight showed that maybe I didn't work enough. Maybe I didn't work a lot somewhere, and I didn't manage to make all my technique become automatic. That means I will have to work more... My health, I'm in very good condition. I feel myself very, very good. I will have one more fight here. I will be continuing... Certainly I would like to have a rematch with Fabricio. If he agrees, I would love to do that."

"The one who doesn't fall doesn't stand up. It happens that I was made kind of an idol. Everybody loses. That happens. I'm a normal human being, as are all of us. If it is God's will, the next fight I'll win... No pressure at all. There is some relief because tomorrow I will go back home."

--Fedor Emelianenko, the long time #1 ranked heavyweight, talked about his first career loss. He remained positive, kept his calm and humble demeanor, and was gracious even in defeat -- a pretty interesting contrast to some of his supporters.

...and to note, Fedor said that it was the choke that made him tap, not the armbar.