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Fedor Emelianenko's Tapout Deal Sunk by UFC

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From editor Pedro Carrasco:

I am privy to certain details that I just got authorization to release to the public.

Initially, Fedor Emelianenko, the number one heavyweight fighter in the world, secured a deal to sport the always growing and ever popular "TapOut" clothing line at this weekend’s Strikeforce events.

However, during my time here in San Jose, while spending time with very legitimate sources close to the situation, I was advised that certain parties within the UFC halted TapOuts participation in the event and threatened a UFC lifetime ban, if Emelianenko came out wearing their line.

These are probably the most upsetting moves that the UFC makes because rather than a direct move to hurt the competing promotion they are a direct move to hurt both a long time sponsor and fighters.  I'd say with this move goes any tiny sliver of hope anyone could have had left that somehow Fedor would end up in the UFC at the conclusion of his Strikeforce contract.  And it sounds like Vadim would say the same:

Q: When can fans get Fedor's Tapout shirt:

A: I'm afraid to disappoint the fans, but it seems like, never. Literally today they called me from the TAPOUT firm and told me that they were contacted by the representatives of the UFC, and that under the threat of tearing up all the contracts with their organization demanded that TAPOUT categorically stop producing all the shirts from the line of Fedor Emelianenko.

This is how Dana White feels about Fedor. So tell me, what can we think about such person after this, that even in things that have nothing to do with UFC, he still tries to mess it up for us. So it seems that the shirts will just stay a rarity that fans will see in pictures. Say thanks to UFC and their politics of monopoly.

I'd honestly like to see one of the UFC's big money sponsors make a move to sponsor a Strikeforce card.  It'd just be interesting to see if the UFC would pull the same tactics on a company that is bigger than they are, such as Bud Light, of if this is strictly limited to the smaller sponsors that put money in the fighter's pocket rather than the ones that pay the UFC's bills.