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Quote of the Day: Paulo Filho "Can’t Be Disrespected"

Your next fight is against Denis Kang on Impact FC. What are your expectations?
"Kang used to be a friend of mine, when he was a purple belt athlete he slept in my place, I remember meeting him when I went to fight against Amar Suloev, he had that channel hair cut… I didn’t want to fight against him, but he has being talking too much and I got hurt. ... Denis is that guy, he has a good punch, but I feel like he can’t handle me. He and his team are aware of that.

Your visa will not be an issue for this fight, right?
"That’s not up to me, I leave it to my managers to worry about, I can’t do much. I was very sorry when I was going to fight against Hector Lombard, then I got there and the guy (from the Consulate) didn’t act right. He saw in my passport I went to United States several times and yet denied my visa. But things happen for a reason. I’m very unsatisfied, I’d like people to know that I’m still here, defending our country. I’d like a little more support, because the critics are so numerous that it’s discouragement. An athlete holding a professional record of 20 wins and only one loss can’t be disrespected."

How do you see yourself coming back to international events?
"I’m very glad, I think it took too long. I fought against Melvin (Manhoef), then I had panic disorder and I just stayed laid on my bed… I fought against Alex Schoenauer, an average guy, I haven’t trained much… If he knew my conditions at that time, maybe he’d have overcome me, but I think he got scared."

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