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Six Degrees of Fedor Emelianenko: Connect Anyone in MMA to Fedor in Six Links or Less

In 1994, three goofy college kids created a simple game. Throw them the name of a prominent Hollywood actor or actress and they could fire back a connection to the legendary Kevin Bacon-in six links or less. They somehow managed to get themselves booked on a pre-Daily Show Jon Stewart talk show and the rest is history.Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon became a part of American popular culture.

Kevin Bacon has worked with everyone in Hollywood and everyone reaches back to touch him. I contend that Fedor Emelianenko is the Kevin Bacon of MMA. Don't think so? Let's try this thing out.

Fedor is a heavyweight.  Surely we can't connect him to lightweight legend BJ Penn?

Fedor Emelianenko-Christopher Hasemann-Matt Hughes-BJ Penn.

Too easy.

How about the "Kimbo Killer" Seth Petruzelli?

Fedor-Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira-Bob Sapp-Seth Petruzelli.

Done and done.

The best thing about Fedor? His incredible connections and amazing life story connect him to people outside the world of MMA.  That's right-after the jump we'll take Six Degrees of Fedor out for a test in the wide world to see what we find.


Like Fedor is the best MMA fighter of all time, the best boxer is the incomprable Muhammad Ali. Can you connect the two? Does Fedor like ice cream?

Fedor-Ryushi Yanagisawa-Vitali Klitschko (at the 1993 All Japan Kickboxing Tournament)-Lennox Lewis-Mike Weaver-Larry Holmes-Muhammad Ali.

Fedor is a force of nature.  Surely he has much in common with that other famous and destructive disaster-the infamous Hurricane Katrina. Sure enough:

Fedor-Russian President Vladimir Putin (who met the great man himself at a BoDog event)-George W. Bush-Mike "Brownie" Brown-Katrina herself.

Via tae kwon do blackbelt Jose Canseco, Fedor can be inserted into the world of baseball. How about legendary St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Bob Gibson?

Fedor-Hong Man Choi-Jose Canseco-Nolan Ryan (1992-1993 Texas Rangers teammates)-Bob Gibson (1972 All Star Game)

The world of Hollywood is also Fedor's oyster. The quiet and contemplative Russian has mentioned in interviews that he doesn't watch American films-but that doesn't mean he doesn't know people. Believe me, this man has a rolodex. What about famed Colt 45 spokesman Billy Dee Williams? Got it.

Fedor-Jean Claude Van Damme-Rosanna Arquette (Nowhere to Run)-Lawrence Kasdan (Silverado)-Billy D (Empire Strikes Back).

Is there a famous figure in the entertainment world we can't connect to Fedor Emelianenko? Probably. In the world of Mixed Martial Arts? If there is a significant figure in MMA history we can't attach to Fedor Emelianenko is six steps or less, let's find him in the comments....

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