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Fedor Emelianenko Doesn't Care About You, the Internet Fan

The internet doesn't interest this man, but ice cream does.
The internet doesn't interest this man, but ice cream does.

For better or for worse, MMA probably has the largest online grassroots following which has played a huge part in developing and building the sport to what it is today. Fedor Emelianenko though, doesn't care about bloggers and journalists, nor does he care about what you, the internet reader, thinks:

"I'm more interested in spending quality time in my everyday life with my family and my friends than cruising the Internet, listening to rumors, or callouts,"

"As far as my reaction, I don't have any reaction. I don't really have reactions to any compliments people tell me, nor criticism. It's not something that's that important to me. I have more important goals in my life than seeking out the Internet to see what people are saying about me."

"I often get second hand information, friends or somebody will tell me about what people (say about me). I don't really pay attention to it or seek it out. That's usually how I get information about what people are saying."

It doesn't matter how many times we talk about him. It doesn't matter if you think he's the the greatest of all time, or not... and it certainly doesn't matter if you love his sweater, or just really really like it. The man simply doesn't care about that sort of thing.


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