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The Week in Quotes: June 13th - 19th

via <a href="">Sherdog</a>
via Sherdog


"I guarantee that tonight was the last night." - UFC President Dana White, on the future of Chuck Liddell's career and setting himself up for another false promise. (MMA Fighting)

"I don’t think there’s too much to talk about. I think we both know what he’s going to do. I won’t speak for him like Dana did. I’ll just say I’d rather he not do it anymore." - Liddell trainer John Hackleman. But what about all the granola he was eating before his 9 PM bed time? (Sports Illustrated)

"I’m still working on evaluating. I thought I did great before I was caught." - Chuck Liddell (Yahoo!)

"I think I looked good and I definitely was in great shape. I could have kept that pace up for another four rounds, without a doubt." - Liddell. Without a doubt...or Franklin's right hand.

"If he’s gotta do it I’d rather be there looking after him than someone else." - Hackleman, adding, "I mean, if my friend's going to put himself in serious peril, I want to make a buck off it." If you don't want your friend fighting anymore, stop offering to train him to fight.

"There’s a lot still to think about. I felt pretty good and I think showed I can compete." - Liddell. Your 1-5 record (4 KO losses) in your last 6 fights begs to differ. Hey, if you want to keep fighting Chuck, I'm fine with it. You'll just be fighting Eric Schafer.


"You can do better. You can do a lot better. I ask you to do better on behalf of clean athletes." - USADA CEO Travis Tygart, begging and pleading with the NSAC to strengthen their drug testing program. WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE ATHLETES? (MMA Junkie)

"If you want to have an effective program, you at least have to have the right to do both." - Tygart, correctly asserting that the current you-know-exactly-when-you're-taking-a-piss-only-test is completely ineffective.


"I wanted to prove to everyone that I'm not old and they are wrong." - Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic, following his submission victory over Pat Barry at UFC 115. (MMA Mania)

"In addition to winning the Pride Grand Prix Finals, it’s my favorite fight of my career [but] most of the training proved to me that I am now too old for this." - Filipovic (Fighter's Only)

"My preparation for this fight was the hardest it has been my entire life." - Filipovic, from the Mania piece.

"For 20 years I lived this life and now I have no motivation for the fight, no mental strength for all the Spartan training. I am no longer so hungry for victory. I will not stop training, but if I am asleep I’ll stay in bed and practice an hour later." - Filipovic, from the FO piece.


"Fighters are like strippers; they ain't paying their way through college." - Chris Leben, following his TKO victory over Aaron Simpson at UFC 115. I'm a little unsure of what he's getting at here. (Yahoo!)

"If you don't understand what that means, you have to realize that there is always something underlying with all of us. Nobody in their right mind, no normal, sane person, goes ‘[expletive] college, screw my guidance counselor. I'm going to put all my chips in one basket to become a cage fighter so I can get the crap kicked out of me in front of other people.'" - Leben

"Most fighters I know do whatever they do 110 percent. For me, it's all or nothing. It's either full throttle or nothing." - Leben, never woulda guessed.


"My biggest beef with a lot of these MMA websites is that these guys are for-profit websites. They're not [expletive] news sites. They're for-profit websites." - UFC President Dana White, who heads a for-profit fight company. Is this Russia, Danny? This isn't Russia. (MMA Junkie)

"Rory's a young guy, he's got a lot of fights ahead of him and he took a lot of damage in that last round. I didn't have any problem with the stoppage." - White, on the stoppage of the Carlos Condit/Rory MacDonald fight at UFC 115. (MMA Mania)


"And then he poked me in the eye. I thought I was going to be blind and deaf. Enough handicaps." - Matt Hamill, following his victory over Keith Jardine at the TUF 11 Finale. And he didn't even mention the Staph infection crawling around on his back! (

"I'd like to finish out my contract without any losses and then just see what God has planned for me." - Fedor Emelianenko, speaking in the third person. (MMA Mania)

"I tried to be too polished and too planned in everything I was doing, and I think I've come full circle now." - Keith Jardine. I'm not sure "polished" means what he thinks it means. (MMA Junkie)

"If the guy wants to leave, let him leave. He sucks as a fighter." - Frank Shamrock, apparently not a Jake Shields fan anymore. (Cage Writer)

"I don't want to be known as the guy who put him out of the sport or whatever. I don't like the thought of that." - Rich Franklin. Don't worry, Rich, Chuck will do his best to make sure that doesn't happen. (MMA Mania)

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