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Todd Duffee Knows What He Did Wrong Against Mike Russow at UFC 114

Todd Duffee postied this comment on the UG:

.I wasn't gassed i was more frustrated and trying to stick to the game plan should of threw that out after the first 30 seconds game plan was horrible......i wasn't snapping punches instead i was muscling them should of kicked should of grappled should of fought....I'll be back and show I am more than capable of wrestling etc

I'm so glad to see Duffee realizes that his biggest failing in the Russow fight was doing nothing but head hunting. He really needs to expand his offensive palette. He threw the jab/uppercut combination over and over and over again. Other than the handful of head kicks that he threw, Duffee acted like he was in a boxing match. And even in boxing they throw to the body. Russow's saggy gut was virtually begging to be punched and Duffee ignored it, drawn in by visions of a quick KO.

Duffee urgently needs to work with a coach who can impart some tactical and strategic thinking to Duffee. He remains a young athlete of tremendous promise, but we've seen that he has some serious limitations to his game.

He can clearly wrestle given how easily he shrugged off Russow's every attempt to shoot in or even lock up a clinch. I'd love to see Duffee grab a collar tie and work some dirty boxing or lock in the Thai plum and work some knees to the body. 

I think the kid just showed his inexperience and a little bit of difficulty adapting and adjusting mid-fight. This fight should be a great learning opportunity for Duffee and I expect him to come back even better. He is clearly a bright and well spoken kid with his head on right, he'll figure it out.

As for Russow, damn that dude is tough. I am really looking forward to seeing him again. I've been day dreaming of Russow vs Gonzaga or Kongo. We've seen what that tough Chicago cop is made of, now let's see what he can do.

Gif of Russow's big punch in the full entry.

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