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UFC The Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale Results: Court McGee Chokes Out Kris McCray

Photo by <a href="">Tracy Lee</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee

Court McGee showed Kris McCray that if your game relies on getting on top of your opponent on the ground, you need to be the better wrestler. McGee took down McCray at will throughout the two round bout before finally choking him out in round two.

The eleventh Ultimate Fighter Finale saw Court McGee face off with Kris McCray for the famous six figure UFC contract. 

McGee got an early take down and worked to batter McCray from inside his guard. McCray fought back to his feet, only to be taken again. Huge bombing left hand landed for McGee. He forearm cross-faced McCray but McCray got back up. McCray seemed visibly diminished when they stood back up. He forced a clinch but couldn't do too much with it as McGee proved the better wrestler. A take down landed McGee in half guard. McGee tried to pass and McCray stood back up and attacked with a string of punches before clinching up again. McGee landed a combination on the break. They traded wildly at the end of the round.

McGee looked fresher in the face off before the second round. McCray again pushed forward to the clinch but McGee again outwrestled him and took McCray right down. This time he went straight to mount and worked for an arm-triangle choke. McCray escaped the hold, but not the mount. McCray controlled his opponent's posture well enough to avoid taking too much damage while on his back. He rolled and McGee took his back but a second roll got him free. Then McGee immediately took him down with a double leg.


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