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UFC The Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale Results: Matt Hamill Takes Majority Decision From Keith Jardine

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Keith Jardine got a point deduction from referee Herb Dean for a second round eye poke that might have crucially impacted the judges cards as he took a majority decision from Keith Jardine. Two judges voted the fight to Hamill, the third scored a draw.

Two TUF veterans met in the penultimate fight of the TUF 11 Finale.  Hamill came in off a lucky DQ win after rising phenom Jon Jones mauled him before landing an illegal 12-to-6 elbow. Jardine came in off back-to-back losses that may endanger his UFC job. This loss won't help.

Hamill took center cage. Jardine was able to stick and move until Hamill clinched up and fired with some nice dirty boxing in the clinch. Jardine fired jabs and kept Hamill at bay. Hamill's face was marked after tasting Jardine's leather frequently but he kept coming forward. Hamill caught Jardine coming in with a hard left then came in behind some leg kicks that Jardine countered with a punching combination. Jardine circled awaythen came in behind some hard straight punches that seemed to hurt Hamill. Hamill clinched in, firing with uppercuts. Jardine came in firing combinations of punches then a lead left kick. Hamill didn't seem to be enjoying the exchanges.

Hamill shot in and got stuffed to christen the second. Jardine scored with a right kick to the body. Then he began with the leg kicks. Hamill fired with a high kick that was blocked. Jardine answered with one of his own. Hamill then bent to catch a leg kick. Jardine twisted free. Another leg kick motivated Hamill to answer in type if not quality. Jardine fired off kicks from each side. Hamill landed a high leg kick that hurt Jardine. That triggered a slobberknocker that ended when Hamill staggered away complaining of an eye poke. Hamill appeared to have hurt Jardine with several shots in the exchange, sending Jardine's mouth piece flying. Herb Dean deducted a point for the poke. Very questionable call. Jardine surged forward throwing leather but Hamill hurt him with a hard punch. Hamill worked for a take down and drove Jardine to his knees in a front headlock and fired with dirty boxing. Jardine was a bloody mess. 

Hamill tried to tie up to start the third. But Jardine fought free and landed more leg kicks. Jardine punched away and landed with jabs. Then another leg kick before Hamill shot in and took Jardine down. Then he got on Jardine's back and worked a neck crank. Jardine gasped and bled before fighting to his feet. Herb Dean called tim to have the doctor check Jardine's cut. No stoppage. Jardine landed a nice uppercut. Then Hamill shot in and got stuffed. Hamill pawed with lazy jabs and fired a leg kick. Jardine stuck and move with straight punches and hooks. Dean stopped the action to reinsert the mouth piece. Jardine looked like a Friday the 13th movie. Hamill shot in on the restart and landed a knee when Jardine sprawled and stood. Hamill shot again, stuffed again. Jardine fired piston punches and leg kicks. Might've stolen the round. 


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