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UFC The Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale Results: Chris Leben Finishes Aaron Simpson

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Chris Leben showed Aaron Simpson you never brawl with a brawler and battered him out in the second round. 

The undefeated 36 year old Aaron Simpson, a late-comer to MMA, met the well-known UFC veteran Chris Leben at the TUF 11 Finale. Leben was the heel of the first season, then surged to a series of wins in the UFC before infamously being battered out by Anderson Silva. Aaron Simpson is a decorated wrestler who was seen as a potential contender before running into gatekeeper Chris Leben.

Simpson came out and slammed Leben with a beautiful double leg take down. Leben stood up into head control and ate some knees to the face. Then Simpson attacked with a standing guillotine that Leben escaped. Leben fired punches from the clinch. Simpson worked for a single leg after transitioning from the double collar tie.  Leben fired with foot stomps and even flirted with a single leg of his own before they returned to cage center. There was some trading before Simpson forced Leben back against the cage and slammed him with a single leg. Then he unloaded some hard ground and pound before Leben stood up -- again into a front head lock.  But Leben escaped and landed hard left hook. Then a right. Simpson countered with a straight right hand. Simpson got the double collar tie again and landed a knee to the body. He then went for another single leg and ended the round struggling to drop Leben.

Leben landed first with a knee but ate a combination from Simpson in return. Leben stuffed a single leg before getting pushed into the cage. Leben fended Simpson off then fired a leg kick from range. Leven charged in behind some punches. Seemed to hurt Simpson which led to him pushing Leben against the fence again. The crowd chanted LEBEN. Leben tagged Simpson coming in which forced another clinch from Simpson. Leben shrugged it off. Then he caught Simpson with a jab and pinned Simpson against the cage where he scored with punches. Simpson circled out. Leben landed leg kicks. Then he poured it on and began to really hurt Simpson. Simpson staggered across the cage and the referee stopped it.


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