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UFC The Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale Results: Spencer Fisher Drops Decision to Dennis Siver

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Dennis Siver took a unanimous decision over Spencer Fisher after a hard fought standing battle.

Two well established UFC veterans met in the second bout of the TUF 11 Finale. Iowan Spencer Fisher and Germany's Denis Siver are both fighters known for their crowd pleasing striking styles. 

Fisher, the Southpaw, scored first with a leg kick and avoided a high front kick from the orthodox-stanced Siver. Then a low kick to Siver's groin paused the action. They came back out and began firing immediately. Fisher landed a nice body kick. Then Siver stunned Fisher with a front kick to the face. Fisher recovered quickly. After a clinch, Siver caught Fisher with a hard overhand. Siver got cut over the eye by a head butt. Evander Holyfield should train MMA fighters on landing "accidental" head butts. Fisher slipped a straight punch from Siver. Siver landed another front kick, this time to the chest. But he was being out-struck by Fisher. They traded hooks then Fisher went for a hook hick. Siver fired and missed with the spinning back kick. Fisher answered back with a high kick.  

Fisher opened the second round with a left high kick that Siver only partially blocked. They traded inconclusively for the next minute or so. Announcer Kenny Florian pointed out that Fisher was circling INTO Siver's power. Siver tagged him coming in and fired with hooks and leg kicks. Siver caught a Fisher leg and landed a right hand that dropped Fisher. Fisher ate several front kicks but landed a hard right. Fisher lept in for a superman punch that may have resulted in another clash of heads. Both men began bleeding immediately after. More kicks from Siver. Spinning back fist from Fisher. Answered by Siver with his spinning back kick.

Fisher landed first in round three then ate a low kick to the crotch. Fisher surged forward when the action restarted. Siver fired a lot  of kicks, several landing. Siver kept firing and missing with ill-intended right hands. Siver blocked a high kick. Siver presssed forward behind punching combinations. Then landed a jab but Fisher got a left hook. Siver with a punch/kick combo. Siver fired and missed but Fisher countered with a landing combo of his own. Fisher made Siver bleed again as he attacked to close the round, landing punches and a hard knee to the face. Siver shot for a single leg just as the final buzzer rang. 


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