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UFC The Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale Results: Jamie Yager Battered Out by Rich Attonito

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Rich Attonito seemed to struggle early, but he came back strong in the second round and choked out Jamie Yager.

The heel of TUF 11, Jamie Yager, and one of several fighters to be injury elminated from the reality show tourny, Rich Attonito, met to open the Spike TV broadcast of the season Finale. Yager came out firing, but faded in the second round -- he began limping, dropped his hands and his afro began to visibly wilt.

Yager came out firing, he countered a good shot with a 1-2 combination. His opponent Rich Attonito survived the early blitzes. Attonito shot in and fought for a take down about a minute in. Yager struggled his way back to his feet quickly and landed a knee from the clinch. Then he landed an uppercut on a surging Attonito about a minute later. They traded to little effect for the rest of the round, although Yager did land with a flashy hook kick to the head. 

Yager feinted superman punches to start round two. Attonito lunged across the cage firing wild hooks. Then he landed with a leg kick and shortly thereafter, a nice hard hook. Yager was visibly slowed and fading after that. Attonito pursued and tagged Yager at will. Yager seemed to be limping and dropped his hands. Yager breathed from his mouth and ate hooks from Rich. A hard right hand forced Yager to shoot for a desperation take down. Attonito easily stuffed it and took his back. With 90 seconds left he began working for a rear naked choke. Yager fought it off, but couldn't escape the bad position, rolling from being mounted and back to back mount. Yager fought for wrist control, but got flattened out. From there Attonito pounded him with punches to the side of the head until ref Steve Mazzagatti stopped the action.


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