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MMA Nation on 106.7 The Fan Recap: Chad Dukes Talks WEC With Reed Harris, UFC 115 With Ariel Helwani


Pictured L to R: Lavar Arrington, Dana White, Chad Dukes

Let me start by thanking Chad Dukes (and Othello) of The Lavar Arrington Show With Chad Dukes for stepping in and doing a phenomenal job. Great calls, great analysis and utterly outstanding radio. I said it before the show and I'll say it again now: with so many amateurish podcasts in MMA, it's very refreshing to hear someone as talented a broadcaster as Chad is cover the MMA topics we love so much.

Chad opened the show with analysis of UFC 115, specifically, Mike Goldberg's commentary, anti-World Cup talk, the underrating of Carlos Condit and more.

In the second segment, Chad talks to the WEC's General Manager Reed Harris about a love of Jim Norton, the WEC's value-add, what's next for Jens Pulver, analysis of UFC 115, becoming a fan of the WEC and much more.

Chad then takes calls on UFC 115. Callers weigh-in on the future of Chuck Liddell, the unbelievable toughness of Rich Franklin, fighting with broken bones, getting the brush off from Randy Couture and more. I also call in with a broken voice closer to the end as I waited on my luggage in baggage claim.

The calls stream in during segment four. Chad and the listeners talk about Dunham vs. Griffin, proper pronunciation of names in MMA, whether Kampmann's win was boring and whether Liddell should/will fight again.

Chad then connects with AOL FanHouse's Ariel Helwani. Helwani talks about his conversation with UFC President Dana White, the future of Mirko CroCop, who is following who on Twitter and much more.

Lastly, Chad wraps the show. Be sure to follow his projects here:, Main Street Mafia and The Chad Dukes RodKast.

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