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The Week in Quotes: June 6th - 12th

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"B.J. Penn and his camp gave me a little phone call." - Josh Koscheck, TUF 12 coach and number one contender for the UFC welterweight title. One can only assume Penn's mom made the call. (MMA Junkie)

"'Yeah, he's on steroids. He's this; he's that.' I said, 'Yeah, there's a possibility.' The guy is pretty ripped all year round." - Koscheck

"I think Olympic-style testing would be great for our sport. At least you do it a couple times out from the fight. I think it will be a great idea." - Koscheck, referring to the testing done for the recent boxing bout between Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"I stand for that more than anybody else." - UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre, welcoming stricter testing into the sport.

"I'm not a coward and somebody that uses steroids is a cheater. I am not afraid of Josh Koscheck and I don't have to cheat to beat him." - St-Pierre

"I just hope it will happen soon because I know a lot of people cheat in this sport, and it's unacceptable. I am all for random blood testing. Nobody in the UFC agrees on that more than me." - St-Pierre. Well, both fighters are for it. Surely we'll see Dana White hop on board.

"I think that's what an athletic commission is for." - UFC President Dana White. Sigh... (Las Vegas Sun)

"The athletic commissions have been around for a long time. When fighters start talking about other guys being drug tested? Shut up. Worry about you." - White. Notice to UFC fighters: you are not allowed to be concerned about what the fighter across the Octagon has active in his system.

"It's been a long time since somebody tested positive for steroids. When we first took over, guys were popping here and there and I said, 'You have to be a moron to do steroids in this sport.' It's just dumb." - White. Oh, well, since no one's testing positive, no one's using the stuff. Nothing to see here. Move along.

"Media stories on comments I made about rumors of GSP are in no way factual. I'm known for polarizing comments, and I got caught up in hyping TUF and our fight. I was wrong, and apologize to GSP for trying to invalidate his hard work and talent." - Koscheck. Sounds like someone got an angry phone call from Dana White. (MMA Fighting)


"They want home runs, baby." - Ken Shamrock, who revealed his use of steroids in an interview with Mike Straka. And by "revealed" I mean "confirmed a prior positive test." (MMA Mania)

"They want people jacking them out of the park. But then when they find out about it they want to stick their heads in the sand and say, 'How bad, that was stupid, you're crazy, don't let him in the hall of fame.'" - Shamrock. God forbid you lose your spot in the prestigious temple that is the UFC Hall of Fame.

"It's like let's point the finger. Nobody wants to take responsibility, but everyone wants to see it. It's like going to the grocery store. It's that easy. It's that simple." - Shamrock. Does anyone have steroids for the brain to help me comprehend what the hell he's talking about?


"But the other thing is, Chuck Liddell was a zombie, man. He was literally walking around like a zombie." - UFC President Dana White, who was literally talking out of his ass. (Yahoo!)

"I didn’t have to worry where’s he going at night. What’s he doing? What am I going to read on TMZ? When he’s with Heidi I know that he’s at home, eating granola and going to bed early." - Chuck Liddell trainer John Hackleman. Too bad granola and curfews don't win fights. (Sports Illustrated)

"Saying that I'm afraid of him and I'm a pussy, this and that. Go [expletive] yourself man. Are you kidding me?" - Tito Ortiz, who's neck is suddenly feeling a lot better. (MMA Fighting)


"I didn't try to act like Mr. T. Some people are like, 'I like Mr. T better.' I agree with them; I like Mr. T better, too." - Quinton Jackson, pity the fool. (

"In Japan when you're fighting, you feel like you're in Vienna at a concert listening to some opera. Everybody's quiet. They keep quiet. When you do some moves, they go, ‘Ooooh.'" - Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic. Kevin Iole later reported that Cro Cop was leaving the UFC for the New York Philharmonic. (Yahoo!)

"People will be mentioning Cro Cop for the rest of fight history just like the way they mention Muhammad Ali." - Pat Barry. No, but really... (MMA Nation)

"Other than Nathan Quarry, who has Rich Franklin ever knocked out?" - "King" Mo Lawal. Well, Chuck Liddell. (TapouT Live)

"I think they matched him up wrong. I would have put him in against just stand-up fighters." - Gary Shaw, on the UFC releasing Kimbo Slice. You know, the UFC really messed up pitting Kimbo against ten-time Abu Dhabi champ Houston Alexander and Duke Roofus BJJ black belt Matt Mitrione. (Fight Hub)

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