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Today on MMA Nation on 106.7 The Fan: Special Guest Host Chad Dukes


Remember, we are on: Sundays 9 to 11pm EST.

Today on MMA Nation the show will be hosted by Chad Dukes (I'll be traveling, so he'll be filling in). Chad is a the co-host of The Lavar Arrington Show With Chad Dukes and CW50's Sportsweek. He's the host of The Chad Dukes RodKast and the brains behind Monday Night Mafia on Back Porch FanHouse.

A quick note: there is no one at 106.7 The Fan I trust more to host my show than Chad. He knows MMA, loves MMA and most importantly, knows radio. I hear so many amateurish podcasts hosted by well-intentioned if entirely novice hobbyists. Chad is an expert in radio as evidenced by the fact that he began hosting the top sports afternoon drive-time show in a top ten market by age 30. That is no small accomplishment.

This show will not sound like MMA Nation the way I do it, but it's not supposed to. It's supposed to sound like MMA Nation as Chad Dukes would do it. For those two hours, it's his show.

What will he discuss? He'll be breaking down all of the results from UFC 115, of course. He'll also be joined by the WEC's General Manager Reed Harris and AOL FanHouse's Ariel Helwani. He'll also be taking your calls and taking everything in the week in MMA.

"MMA Nation" will air tonight 9:00pm EST to 11:00pm EST on 106.7 The Fan. To listen live over the Internet, go to The Fan's website and click "Listen Live".

I'm also on Twitter: @mmanation.

AS A NEW FEATURE: We'll stream the show live over Here's my channel. I'll embed the live stream player in this post when the show begins. If you want to ask a question for us to answer on air, leave a question in the comments section. We'll get to all of them.

"MMA Nation" is also available by podcast on iTunes. For now, iTunes is disabled, but the show will be posted on the station's website soon afterward. I'll be sure to put a post up when they're ready to go. And when we're back on iTunes, I'll put up a link to that as well.

Number to call: 800-636-1067

Email here.

Talk to you then.


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