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UFC 115: Liddell vs. Franklin Post-Fight Interviews

Dana White - "Absolutely not. [would the old Chuck Liddell get knocked out by that punch]."

Dana White - "I guarantee you that tonight is the last night [for Chuck Liddell's fighting career]."

Dana White - "Who would even come up with that report? Yes [James Toney] he's signed his contract, the fight is happening in Boston."

Dana White - "We are in negotiations with him [Jake Shields], we have not signed him yet. Strikeforce doesn't mean jack sh*t to me. I could care less what they are doing. I can't believe people put their name in a conversation. What about Strikeforce? They are minor league. You might as well ask me what's going on with the DEF or ZBY or some other small organization around the world."



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