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UFC 115 Results: Rich Franklin Finishes Chuck Liddell in a Barnburner

Photo by <strong>Tracy Lee</strong> for <a href="">Yahoo Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee for Yahoo Sports

Chuck Liddell put on his best performance in several years, but still ended up flat on his back under medical attention. Rich Franklin survived a lot of hard shots from Chuck Liddell to drop him with a short straight right hand. 

Liddell snapped Franklin's left arm with a high kick but Franklin stayed in the game. 

It was a great performance from both champions but was still bitter sweet to see Liddell dropped and lost at the end of the fight. 

Two former UFC champions met in the headliner of UFC 115. Former 185lb champ Rich Franklin faced former light heavyweight champ and Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell. Both men came out kicking, with Liddell getting the advantage. Franklin shot in and got stuffed. Liddell went to the head with a kick and another to the body. Franklin went to the inside of Chuck's thigh.

Franklin landed a hard left hook. Then they had a hard exchange and Liddell shot in and took Franklin down. Chuck worked for a front choke when they butted heads and cut Liddell. Back to center cage, Franklin fired to the body. Landed another combo on Chuck. Then Liddell staggered Franklin with a big right. But Franklin scored his own hurt shot with a left when Liddell came in to follow up. Liddell landed some more hard shots, but had to be wary of Franklin's power. Chuck scored with some hard shots but suddenly Rich Franklin KNOCKED HIM OUT.


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