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UFC 115 Results: Martin Kampmann Derails Paulo Thiago

Photo via <a href="" target="new">Sherdog.</a>
Photo via Sherdog.

Martin Kampmann showed that he remains a force to reckon with in the UFC welterweight division by utterly dominating Paulo Thiago at UFC 115.

Two of the UFC's best welterweights faced off at UFC 115 in Vancouver. Brazilian Paulo Thiago looked to make a case for a title shot by taking out another top 15 welterweight. Martin Kampmann looked to get back on track. 

In the first round, they vied for cage control with Kampmann landing precision strikes and Thiago looked to get the quick finish with hard shots. Kampmann scored with straight right hands. Thiago winged haymakers that didn't quite connect. Kampmann dodged and scored and began to put the hurt on the Brazilian. Thiago threw combinations of kicks to the head that didn't do too much. Kampmann landed a right that hurt Thiago who immediately worked for a double leg. He got it and followed with some hard ground and pound. Kampmann got half guard and threatened with a guillotine. Kampmann looked to stand up and Thiago used some sweet Judo to get the take down. Kampmann went for another guillotine and then another to end the round. Great round.

Round two saw Kampmann coming out and taking cage control. Thiago was reluctant to attack as he did in the first. Kampmann began to score but Thiago countered with a hard shot. They traded some nice clinch work but no one fell. Then Kampmann got a take down off a busted Thiago shot. Kampmann quickly took his back and threatened an arm triangle. Thiago fought back to his knees but couldn't shed the Dane from his back. Thiago worked for a kimura but didn't have good position. He held the threat a long time then used it to sweep Kampmann and take side control. But Kampmann stood up. He tagged Thiago one more time and threatened another choke before the time ran out.

Kampmann utterly dominated the third round, working for multiple arm triangles from top position. I erased my notes just before posting so here's Bloody Elbow's Brent Brookhouse take on the round:

Kampmann with a takedown and he is just dominating this fight.  Kampmann works to get an arm triangle and Thiago gives up his back.  They go back to standing and there's only a minute left for Thiago to make something happen.  Instead Kampmann is back on top on the ground now locking in an arm triangle.  The round, and fight, ends and Martin Kampmann put on one of the better performances of his career.     

Thiago had the most abjectly helpless look on his face as the fight ended and he found himself once again fending off an arm triangle choke from Kampmann. 


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