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UFC 115 Results: Carlos Condit Barely Finishes Rory MacDonald

Photo by <a href="">Tracy Lee</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee

Veteran Carlos Condit probably lost the first too rounds to 20 year old Rory MacDonald but he poured it on the third and took the win when the ref stopped it with only 0:10 left.

For the second time of the evening, an up and coming newcomer faced a proven veteran. This time the babyface was Rory MacDonald and the established fighter was former WEC champ Carlos Condit and the division was the stacked welterweight class.

In the first, MacDonald walked Condit down quickly, then caught a kick and took Condit down. But then he stood up and invited Condit to join him. Then he landed a hard right hand and locked up a clinch. Condit landed a hard knee to the body so MacDonald took him right down. Condit used a variation of the rubber guard to control MacDonald on the ground. MacDonald bucked to pass but got nowhere. Then they got back to their feet. Condit then tagged MacDonald. But MacDonald answered with a hard counter punch and another take down. 

Again Condit's guard was totally effective at controlling the Canadian and he soon fought back to his feet. On the feet Rory scored up close with punches and knees. They traded kicks to the check. Condit landed a mean leg kick. And another. Then MacDonald ducked a punch and ended the round with a third take down to the delight of the Canadian crowd. 

In the second, MacDonald claimed cage center again. Condit attempted a hip toss but botched it and MacDonald landed on top in half guard. Condit fought back to guard and then to his feet. But once again Rory landed with sharp punches. Then Condit reversed a MacDonald take down and had top position for the first time in the fight. He immediately worked to score with ground and pound. That aggressiveness allowed MacDonald to reverse him. Once again Condit controlled MacDonald's posture on the ground and fought back to his feet. MacDonald fired punches to the body. Condit ate a combo featuring uppercuts while Rory slipped his counters. They traded hard rights then Condit attacked with kicks. More stiff jabs were exchanged with MacDonald putting more salt on his. Condit got too aggressive at the end of the round with spinning attacks. Then he fired a straight kick and MacDonald caught him with a straight kick of his own and Condit fell.

Between rounds, Condit took an earful from coach Greg Jackson. MacDonald caught a Condit kick early then landed a high kick and combinations of punches. Then MacDonald shot in and Condit ended up on top. He got to half guard and fired hard elbows. He worked to pass and fired hammer punches and then more hard elbows. Then Condit got mount . Rory hip escaped back to half guard. More Condit left elbows to the face. Rory got back to his feet with a sweep. Condit clinched him against the fence and scored with a combination of punches. Then when Rory had to dive for a takedown, Condit got him down and brutalized him again. MacDonald's eye was visibly damaged and Condit continued to land hard elbows and punches. Condit sought the kill but MacDonald showed true grit to survive. Condit fired from the top then went down for more damage but it looked like MacDonald might survive. With only 0:10 the ref stopped the fight.


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