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UFC 115 Results: Tyson Griffin Hosts Evan Dunham's Coming Out Party

Photo by <a href="">Tracy Lee</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee

Evan Dunham established himself as a force to be reckoned with by utterly dominating the very tough Tyson Griffin. Somehow one judge inexplicably gave the win to Griffin, forcing a split decision.

The fight saw an up and comer in Evan Dunham facing a veteran trying to stay at the front of the UFC lightweight line in Tyson Griffin. 

Up and coming UFC lightweight Evan Dunham tried quickly to get veteran contender Tyson Griffinon the ground. His first try wasn't so succesful. He elevated one of Griffin's legs high into the air and only got to eat a series of uppercuts for his troubles as Griffin bounced and punched up. Back on the feet, Dunham capitalized on his reach advantage to land combinations. Griffin shot in and out with low kicks before Dunham caught him with a counter kick. 

Dunham then got Griffin's back and took him down but Griffin proved hard to take down. This time Dunham got him all the way down and took back mount. Griffin struggled gamely and survived over a minute of Dunham's attempts to get the rear naked choke. 

In the second, Dunham again caught an advancing Griffin with counter hooks. Then he shot in and took Griffin down. Tyson worked for a guillotine. But Dunham escaped and soon attacked with a d'arce choke attempt. Griffin fought back to his feet. 

Dunham quickly took him down again with a beautiful duck under shot and once again got back mount. After Dunham closed the choke, Griffin stood up and carried Dunham around the cage. Dunham held the body triangle. Then Griffin dove forward and slammed Dunham to the ground. Then he stood up again. 

In the third, Griffin came out with orders to get the finish in the final round. He fired with kicks and punches, landing. But then Dunham once again caught him with a counter. Then a combination. Dunham kept circling into Griffin's power but it didn't cost him. Then Griffin forced it up against the cage only to eat a knee to the body. 

Dunham caught Griffin with a body kick that lifted him into the air and dropped him to the ground. He quickly followed up and took Griffin down and quickly got his back. Once again Griffin stood up and carried Dunham. It was like watching a python working to strangle its prey. Griffin survived the round but it was clear that he had the fight in the bag.


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