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Quote of the Day 2: Josh Koscheck Doesn't Appreciate Being Called Out by His Boss

"Dana White doesn't like me, apparently. That's what he says. I'm not a team player. I don't understand how he can say that. To go on record and say that, I think that's a bunch of (expletive)," Koscheck said. "I'm the type of fighter that steps up and fights anybody, anytime, anyplace. I've taken short-notice fights for him. I always do whatever I'm asked."

"I'm going to prove I'm a team player by winning the show and the welterweight title."

"I always use this analogy because I respect Dennis Rodman and what he did. He was one of the best rebounders in the NBA, but he didn't really get noticed until he started acting like a crazy man," Koscheck said. "At the end of the day, I've got to do things for myself and my business to make money so I don't have to work. It's not like we're getting paid $50 million or $60 million a fight like (Floyd) Mayweather."
Dana White hinted that the Koscheck-St. Pierre fight would take place in Toronto [in December] if the Ontario legislature legalizes MMA in the province. He also said that Koscheck's hometown of Pittsburgh could be the second option.

-- Josh Koscheck responds to Dana White's comment of "I’m no Josh Koscheck fan."

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