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FightMetric Reports for Sam Stout vs. Jeremy Stephens, Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley From UFC 113

Photo by Richard Wolowicz for Getty Images via <a href="">Vancouver Sun</a>
Photo by Richard Wolowicz for Getty Images via Vancouver Sun

Even when they're right, they're wrong.

Jeremy Stephens beat Sam Stout last night, and I don't think many rational people would beg to differ (I'm looking at you, Herr Thomas), nor would many differ in the 29-28 scorecard (with round 3 being the lone Stout round). Yet the judges were all over the place with one judge handing out the 29-28 Stephens, another 30-27 Stephens, and the final judge going 29-28 Stout.

That is to say: Jeremy Stephens was one judge awarding one round to Sam Stout away from losing a fight he clearly won.

These rounds were fairly clear cut according to FightMetric's Effectiveness Scores. Here they are along with the extrapolated ten-point must scoring:

Stephens Stout TPM
Round 1 181 58 10-9 JS
Round 2 112 64 10-9 JS
Round 3 71 168 10-9 SS
Total 381 290 29-28 JS

The first round was clear cut, and I would assume the dissenting card gave Sam Stout round two. Below are the raw stats for rounds two and three. Leg kicks are included in the "body" numbers. Data listed is strikes landed, takedowns completed, and submissions attempted.

Round 2
Stephens Stout
Head Power 11 3
Head Jab 3 9
Body Power 2 6
Body Jab 8 5
Takedowns 1 0
Sub. Attempts 0 1


Round 3
Stephens Stout
Head Power 6 14
Head Jab 4 8
Body Power 2 4
Body Jab 1 2
Takedowns 1 0
Sub. Attempts 0 0

Stout was also credited with a knockdown in round three.

I thought each round was clear cut watching live, and the data would appear to back that up. I'm interested what the judges saw so differently cageside.

Check out Josh Koscheck's domination after the jump. (Insert Paul Daley sucker punch joke here.)

Whilst confirming the UFC cutting Paul Daley on MMA Live's post-fight show, Dana White said something really off-the-wall even for him. According to White, Paul Daley "looked great" against Josh Koscheck. Huh? I saw another British fighter with no answer for an elite North American wrestling game.

Did Dana see something I missed? I mean, I suppose it was sort of impressive that Daley staved off Koscheck's mount attempts as much as he did, but he looked completely ineffective for the entirety of 15 the minutes.

Fortunately, FightMetric scored the bout. Here are the raw stats for the bout:

Koscheck Daley
Head Power 11 7
Head Jab 32 5
Body Power 7 0
Body Jab 33 2
Takedowns 4 0
Sub. Attempts 1 0

The immediate reaction to the fight (outside of the extracurriculars) was that Koscheck's performance was effective, but would get him torched by GSP. Let's put this into some context. Dana announced before the fight that the winner gets a title shot and TUF gig. Paul Daley has very real power. Contrary to what some believe, Koscheck is a smart fighter. Why would he do anything else, but attack Daley's major deficiency and grind out a pedestrian decision?

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