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UFC 113 Post-Fight Interviews

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Koscheck - "First off the guy is a blatant cheater, he had oil all over him..."

Helwani - "So you felt as though he was oiled up?"

Koscheck - "yeah, I could smell it from the beginning..."

Helwani - "I just have to ask about the knee, a lot of people are booing you, they said you embellished, did he [Daley] in fact hit you in the head with his knee?

Koscheck - " Yeah, absolutely... he hit me with something while I was down. So I don't know whether it was a knee, fist or what, but I got hit pretty hard. I could of quit but I got up and kept fighting".
Dana White - "I was just in doing an interview with ESPN and Rashad was all over me about it. Obviously more than likely yes, [Rashad Evans and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson] one of those two is going to get the shot at the title,"
HT:, transcribed by higgledy-piggledy