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UFC 113: Machia vs. Rua 2 - Post-Fight Recap and Analysis


-Lyoto Machida didn't seem to have solved the Muay Thai riddle presented by Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. On the feet, the fight looked a lot like the first one with Shogun able to press forward and implement his game. In October's 25 minutes of fighting, neither fighter actively worked for a takedown. Machida landed two takedowns himself in less than five minutes of action. Too bad it got him nowhere.

-Anyone else excited at the possibilities for Shogun-Rampage 2?

-Can someone tell me where Franklin McNeil got his information re: a Shogun knee injury? I feel like a lot of bettors would like to have a word with him.

-I don't care what anyone says, Josh Koscheck's super-heel act is awesome. I knew he was playing things up right away when his first reaction to Daley's "knee" was to stare at the referee wide-eyed and THEN clutch his face. I'm sure Koscheck will get hell for it, but you've got a big thumbs up from me, Josh!

-Speaking of getting hell, Daley through a punch following the bout. Or so I hear. I was busy putting together the post-fight writeup, so I missed the action. And the UFC is too classy to show a replay of something like that. Expect disciplinary action from the commission and possible release from the UFC.

-And just in case no one else noticed...Dan Miragliotta threatened to stand the bout up at separate times with Koscheck in mount or having back control. SAY WHAT?

-I'm not sure how a judge gave Sam Stout two rounds after his bout with Jeremy Stephens, but the right guy ended up getting the nod. Quality fight, and it goes to show how threatening power can change the complexion of a fight.

-Kimbo's post-fight reaction was...different. He seemed a little too joyous and self-promoting for someone who just got his ass beat. Nevertheless, Matt Mitrione looked much improved after spending time at Roufusport, though he might want to lay off submissions he's only seen on TV.

-I thought Patrick Cote was finding his groove in round two. He looked more comfortable and was winning the punching exchanges with Alan Belcher. Then Belcher landed a very legal and very awesome faceslam, which looked to confuse, hurt, and surprise the Canadian all at once. I loved that Belcher wasted no time looking for the choke.


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