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UFC 113 Results: Josh Koscheck Outwrestles, Outacts Paul Daley and Earns Title Shot

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Josh Koscheck outwrestled Paul Daley en route to a title shot and TUF gig, but that's not even the second biggest story of the fight.

While Koscheck dominated from bell-to-bell, the real stories of the fight came after an "illegal" knee and Daley's post-fight extracurriculars. Late in round one, as Koscheck came up off the mat, Daley through a knee that tagged Koscheck, sending his afro flying.

Except the knee didn't land at all.

Replays show that Daley's strike might have grazed Kos's 'fro, but otherwise missed its intended target. You wouldn't have known that from Koscheck, who looked wide-eyed at the referee and clutching his face. It's unclear whether referee Dan Miragliotta offered Daley a warning or deducted a point and then reversed his decision upon seeing replays on the projections up above.

So the fight went on. Koscheck worked his gameplan to perfection, standing in front of Paul Daley just long enough to properly explode into his takedowns.

To his credit, Daley worked hard to prevent Koscheck from improving his position, but remained flat on his back for most of the night.

Unfortunately, this writer missed Daley's post-fight punch, only looking up from his blog duties as Goldberg and Rogan exclaimed. It's safe to assume that Daley will be facing punishment, especially in the wake of the "Mayhem" Miller-Cesar Gracie Fight Team brawl in Nashville.


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