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UFC 113 Results: Jeremy Stephens Uses Power to Stifle Sam Stout's Volume and Technique

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Technique trumps power, except not always. Jeremy Stephens was able to wade through Sam Stout's technique and volume en route to a split decision victory at UFC 113.

The story of the fight through the first two rounds was Stephens' ability to land effective power shots. Stephens knocked down the Canadian twice in the first period, busting him open in the process. Stout battled hard, keeping the fight close with high quality combinations.

Heading into the third round, things looked bleak for Stout. The Canadian has never displayed significant power and without a reliable avenue to finish, Stephens could coast to a decision victory. Yet, in the middle of the round, Stout hurt Stephens with what Joe Rogan said was a leg kick and cut Stephens up with a quick succession of elbows on the ground.

Stephens, to his credit, remained composed and eventually fought back to his feet. Stout refused to attack the legs, and Stephens made it out of the round to take a split decision victory.


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