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UFC 113 Results: Matt Mitrione Chops Down Kimbo Slice

Photo by <a href="">Tracy Lee</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee

He's still green as hell, but Matt Mitrione just took a huge leap from his time on the Ultimate Fighter.

Mitrione and Kimbo put on a very entertaining, if sloppy first round. Mitrione opened up with two big high kicks. Kimbo caught the second kick and slammed Mitrione to the mat. In the brief scramble, Mitrione through up a triangle. Kimbo remained poised, stacked Mitrione, and eventually passed guard into side control.

From there, Kimbo worked patiently, throwing short elbows to the head and punches to the body. Mitrione worked for an underhook and then back to his feet. After another brief interlude on the floor, Mitrione swept Kimbo off his feet with a kick and channeled his inner-Nogueira and applied an Anaconda Choke. He couldn't grip the choke correctly and allowed Kimbo to escape into round two.

Round two was all Mitrione. Kimbo looked to be tiring, and Mitrione started pounding the Miami street fighter with kicks to the legs. Without any ability to push off his front leg, Kimbo became a human punching bag for Mitrione's pleasure. Mitrione chopped Kimbo onto his back, and landed very effective knees to the body as Kimbo lay prone against the cage.

Mitrione then secured mount, and it was academic from there. After another failed attempt at a submission - a kimura this time, Mitrione chose to pound Kimbo until Dan Miragliotta was forced to step in and stop the bout.


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