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Savage Truth: Kris McCray's Inside Look Into SpikeTV's "The Ultimate Fighter" Episode 6

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What's up, everyone?  Thanks for reading my recaps here at I wanted to let you know if you're in the DC area tonight, come check me out at Icons Sports Lounge and Grille in Fairfax, Virginia. I'm going to be on Sports Week, a television show hosted by Lavar Arrington and Chad Dukes from 106.7 The Fan. You can be part of the audience and come hang out.

Let's get to the show. You all saw how it started off. They made it a point to show how much Kyacey disagreed with the overtraining. Like I said last week, Kyacey's got his ways of doing things. I'll admit a few guys in the house agreed with him, but for the most part everyone liked being pushed by Tito. I always felt like the amount of training was ok, but I could have laid off the weights or done some other things differently.

When Tito held the team meeting after practice, I thought it was a good thing. It was good to air out differences. In fact, for at least a couple of days Tito went a little bit easier on us in practice. He didn't slack or anything, but I felt Tito wanted to do what was best for everyone. He didn't want to push buttons just to push them.

Then came the coaches challenge. I don't know what went wrong with the coaching staff of Team Punishment. They couldn't catch the ball when it came their way. They could move well, but just didn't seem to understand strategy. What they didn't even show on TV was that our team lost in a practice round, too. That makes four games they actually lost. It wound up working out ok though because The Minority Report agreed to share the money. Me and Yager actually got $500 each from Tavares and Noke. It would've been better to win, though.

As you saw, Hammortree got injured in training by me. I had a bodylock on him and went for an inside trip. He landed on my grip on his lower back. The thing is he was nursing some kind of a rib injury. I think he was trying to fall in a way to not hurt the rib anymore, so maybe that played a role. Either way, I was not happy about another man being injured. At the same time I can't lie. This is a competition. I knew with Hammortree being out made my wildcard chances improve. At the time of his injury none of knew how the wildcard stuff would work. We just knew we had to be ready and lucky. One less person in the mix meant better odds for those of us still in.

When it came time to fight, we knew Nick was up. Nick's a weird guy, but he's a great fighter. He's got good kicks, good sweeps and arm drags. If you slack at all he's putting you in bad spots quickly. He's experienced and is really good at capitalizing on mistakes.

Court McGee is a cool guy. He was on the other team, but he's friendly and has a dry sense of humor. I knew he was tough and threw good combinations, but I knew Nick could beat him.

The first round was all Nick. I'm not sure what Chuck Liddell saw in that first round. To me it obvious Nick won both standing with leg kicks and on the ground. I don't see how that could've been scored any other way.

The second round was a lot closer. Nick didn't move fast enough out of the clinch and was getting caught with punches, but Court was still getting lit up with leg kicks. If the fight had gone to a third round I would've understood it even though I don't think Court really put it on Nick until late in the round. That's what surprised me about Chuck Liddell's reaction. If he was mad about the fight not going to an extra round I could understand that. But there was no way Court won that fight. At most it was tied.

I was on Tito's team, but everyone knew what a passionate guy Chuck Liddell is. I can see why he's been a world champion. He's got passion and intensity on a level most people don't. Not just for small stuff either. He's focused and determined about everything he does. I've always thought Chuck was a guy to look up to even before being on the show. Watching him work up close only confirmed that for me.

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