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FightMetric Reports for UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans

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FightMetric has reports up for UFC 114 featuring the main event between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Rashad Evans plus the undercard bout between Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Jason Brilz.

FightMetric's Effectiveness Scores gave Rashad Evans all three rounds in the main event, putting me in an awkward spot after questioning the two 30-27 cards from the judges. What does the data look like for round three?

In the grappling department, Rashad completed two takedowns and one pass to half-guard. FightMetric credited "Rampage" with a pass to half-guard following the knockdown.

The striking data comes as a bit of a surprise. Jackson only landed six strikes in the round, five power shots to the head and one to the body. On the other hand, Rashad landed 21 shots of his own.

On the whole, Evans outstruck Jackson over a 2-1 margin at 61 to 27.

FightMetric agrees with my tempered view on the Nogueira/Brilz undercard bout. The Effectiveness Scores and translated Ten Point Must scoring is as follows:

Nogueira vs. Brilz
Nogueira Brilz TPM
Round 1 37 39 10-10
Round 2 48 133 10-9 B
Round 3 58 31 10-9 N
Total 143 206 29-29

Brilz certainly won the fight on the whole, but the fight isn't scored on a whole. And as I thought live, the first round was very, very close. Here's how the raw data looks for each fighter for the round:

Nogueira - 15 strikes landed, 6 power shots landed, 1 takedown

Brilz - 14 strikes landed, 3 power shots landed, 1 takedown, 1 pass to half-guard

Brilz edged Nogueira in the all important "power shots to the head" category 3-2.

To quote Rami:

Chalk up Brilz as another victim of the ten-point must system. There was only one really dominant round in that fight and it belonged to Brilz.

There was one other bit of interesting data from the card, which I will again let Rami explain:

In his first UFC fight, Duffee grabbed the record for fastest finish. In his second UFC fight, Duffee acquires a more ignominious record: Greatest striking differential in a loss by stoppage. While Jon Jones has the record for greatest differential overall with 39, his loss against Matt Hamill came by DQ.

UPDATE [5/30/2010, 8:12 AM]:

Bloody Elbow reader Lynchman and I were both had similar thoughts about round 3 of Nogueira/Brilz. The raw data suggests the round was all Nogueira, but the Effectiveness Score had it looking close. The explanation from Rami:

It’s really not that close, it just looks that way. If you take a look at the striking score, it was 39-1 for Nogueira. On the grappling side, nearly half of Brilz’s points come from countering Nogueira’s moves, whether sweeping, standing up, or escaping side mount.