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UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans Post-Fight Recap and Analysis

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-Bleh. That's pretty much my feeling on the main event. I don't mind that I came out on the wrong end of the fight, but the result just seems so...unsatisfying. Rashad won the fight, there's no denying that, but did he really beat up "Rampage"?

-Anyone else a little curious why two judges scored round three for Rashad? Yeah, he battled back and ended the round strong, but what happened to effective striking to the point of almost finishing?

-Michael Bisping cemented himself as the gatekeeper between A- and B-level fighters. You can just see the difference in his confidence level when he fights certain levels of fighters.

-Tough loss for Dan Miller. Hope he can bounce back.

-So DUFFEE officially becomes DUFFEE'd now, right? Good god. I literally was about to start compiling the fight recap, praising Duffee's domination of all three rounds. Then Mike Russow lands right on the temple and puts out the lights.

-People are acting as if Nogueira/Brilz is the worst decision in MMA history, but c'mon. I personally scored it 29-28 for Nogueira, and I'm prepared to hear heat for that. The first round was close, though I expect I'll change my score on a second watch.

-I'll be honest: I was highly distracted by the Stanley Cup Finals for everything before the Nogueira fight, so...

-Diego doesn't YUS!, Diego doesn't win. I was concerned that the cut to lightweight would affect Diego's move back up, and it looks like he wasn't able to put all the mass back on. Oh, and Hathaway's no joke either.

-Joe Rogan summed up the Kim/Sadollah fight perfectly: "Muay Thai's no good when you're on your back."

-If the UFC is a place where only the best fight, Dan Lauzon needs to be on the outside looking in.

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