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UFC 114 Results: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Squeaks by Jason Brilz

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In his prediction for the event, an anonymous MMA writer said, "Good opportunity for Brilz. Bad fight for Brilz." MMA writers should not be trusted.

Jason Brilz brought a very tough fight for Antonio Rogerio Nogueira tonight. Nogueira, originally scheduled to fight brawler Forrest Griffin, ended up fighting a wrestler in Brilz. Round one proved extremely close. Nogueira controlled the standup and landed a handful of knees to the body. Brilz was able to take Nogueira down and landed some good damage from the top there.

Brilz took control in round two. The two traded guillotines back and forth, with Brilz coming extremely close to submitting the Brazilian. As the round came to a close, he threw a wild left-right combination that had Nogueira wobbly until the bell.

Nogueira showed why he's a top fighter, however, and came back strong in round three. He stuffed Brilz's takedowns or swept into top control if taken down. He looked the fresher fighter on the feet as well, though he had been rocked at the end of round two.

The judges scored a split decision for Nogueira, which was greeted by jeers from the Vegas crowd.