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UFC 114 Results: John Hathaway Out Classes Diego Sanchez

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After losing a lightweight title fight to now former champ B.J. Penn, Diego Sanchez attempted to return to the welterweight division against the much taller John Hathaway. Hathaway had his way with the veteran fighter to take a unanimous decision.

Diego Sanchez came back to the welterweight division trying to get a quick take down on John Hathaway. Hathaway fought him off and landed some elbows in the mix. Hathaway landed some sharp rights from a distance. Then Hathaway landed a knee as Sanchez dove for a take down and dropped a stunned Sanchez. But Sanchez some how survived the ground and barrage and recovered his senses. Then Hathaway began to score hard shots from the top. Sanchez spun for submissions but took a beating for his troubles. A markedly more confident left the first round.

Sanchez looked reduced in the open moments of the second as Hathaway fired and landed. Sanchez landed a hard right hook but didn't seem to hurt Hathaway. Hathaway smiled and circled away. Diego took him down off a kick but Hathaway immediately started working his way back up. Then he got back to his feet. They circled warily for a minute or so then Hathaway landed a hard right. With 0:52 left, Joe Rogan began writing an obituary for Sanchez' career. Hathaway continued to score at will with rights using his big reach advantage.

The third took a while to get going as the announcers shilled the new UFC Undisputed 2010. Hathaway began to chip away at Sanchez again. Sanchez shot in but got stuffed by a strong Hathaway. Sanchez landed a hard right hand. Then shot again but got stuffed easily. Diego countered in a standing clinch exchange. But then Hathaway would land the right straight again. Hathaway then landed a high kick to the head. Hathaway then got a take down of his own. Diego shrugged it off and kept punching and getting punched to the end of the bout.


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