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UFC 114 Results: Dong Hyun Kim Pins Down Amir Sadollah

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Dong Hyun "Stun Gun" Kim took Amir Sadollah down at will to take a unanimous decision over Amir Sadollah.

Dong Hyun Kim dominated the first round after taking Amir Sadollah down. But Kim never threatened to submit Sadollah and landed only a few shots as they fought for position.

In the second, Kim again took down Sadollah but Amir got back to his feet. Kim quickly clinched and dominated the positional battle. Then he took Sadollah down again. He stayed in guard, throwing elbows. Kim fought for mount but at a slow enough pace that the crowd groaned with restlessness. Then he got the position known at the neck tie and fired punches on a helpless Sadollah who could only fight for guard.  But he fought his way out of that often lethal hold only to be mounted and battered again before the bell ended.

In the third, Kim once again quickly took him down. Sadollah fought hard off his back, but soon found himself mounted. Kim scored with elbows from the top position. But Sadollah got back to guard. Then he fought his way back to his feet with 1:20 left. Then he fought off another shot only to get taken down again with a minute left. But Kim held a clinch until 0:40. A desperate Sadollah couldn't do much as time ran out.


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