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Randy Couture Says Rashad’s Wrestling "Can Make It a Long Night For Rampage"

At the 3:20 min mark:

"It's interesting to see if Rashad has come all the way back from the knockout from Machida and psychologically how he's feeling about that. With a guy like Rampage who's a banger, he can hit. Both guys have the common fight with Chuck, similar outcomes.

"I think Rashad’s wrestling is stronger than Rampage’s. We saw Henderson control the early part of that fight with Rampage using some wrestling. So Rashad has that capability. Although until his last fight we hadn't seen that from him. He tries to stand and bang with everybody."

"I think if Rashad goes out and uses, implements the All-American wrestling that he has, he can make it a long night for Rampage."

"Rampage is a strong, very very good striker and it's going to be a game fight."




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