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USAT/SBN May 2010 MMA Consensus Rankings: Bantamweight

Rank Fighter Points Promotion Last Rank
1 Dominick Cruz 325 WEC 1
2 Brian Bowles 309 WEC 2
3 Joseph Benavidez 299 WEC 3
4 Miguel Torres 276 WEC 4
5 Scott Jorgensen 262 WEC 5
6 Takeya Mizugaki 248 WEC 6
7 Damacio Page 195 WEC 7
8 Masakatsu Ueda 191 Shooto 8
9 Rani Yahya 178 WEC 9
10 Wagnney Fabiano 166 WEC 10
11 Charlie Valencia 150 WEC 11
12 Masakazu Imanari 144 DEEP 12
13 Shuichiro Katsumura 141 Shooto 14
14 Akitoshi Tamura 137 WEC 13
15 Brad Pickett 105 WEC 16
16 Antonio Banuelos 102 WEC 15
17 Abel Cullum 98 KOTC 17
18 Eddie Wineland 95 WEC 18
19 Jeff Curran 55 Bellator 19
20 Cole Escovedo 50 DREAM 20
21 Yoshiro Maeda 45 DREAM 21
22 Clint Godfrey 40 WEC 22
23 Ian Loveland 39 WEC 24
24 Bryan Goldsby 38 Bellator 31
25 Frank Gomez 38 WEC 23

Rankings compiled by Richard Wade.

There hasn't been a ton of action, so there hasn't been a ton of movement.

The last we saw of #1 Dominick Cruz at WEC 47, he demonstrated superior technical abilities standing to defeat the hard-hitting #2 Brian Bowles. Both fighters suffered injuries in that bout and as of today, there's no word on when they'll be fighting again. Stay tuned.

#3 Joseph Benavidez stays in the third spot this month. The Team Alpha Male member is likely to see a rematch with Dominick Cruz after crushing #4 Miguel Torres, but no word has yet been made official.

As for Torres, there is also no word on when he'll yet return. If you're dying to interact with him, he's doing plenty of horrible, horrible shtick on his Twitter feed, which I refuse to even link here out of conscience for your eyeballs.

#5 Scott Jorgensen stays elevated from last month's jump to the fifth position. He's said he's healthy to return again to action after defeating #16 Antonio Banuelos, but again, no word on when the former Boise State wrestler is set to return.

#6 Takeya Mizugaki is still in the top 10 after besting Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace #9 Rani Yahya at WEC 48: Aldo vs. Faber. Once again, no word yet on when either fighter will return to WEC competition.

I'm going to quote what I wrote last month because nothing has changed. To wit: "Strangely, Greg Jackson-product #7 Damacio Page jumps two spots despite not competing. "The Angel of Death" was set to compete at WEC 48 against Banuelos, he was forced off the card with an injury. No word on his return date yet."

After suffering a major upset at the hands of now-Featherweight title holder #13 Shuichiro Katsumura at "The Way of Shooto 2", #8 Masakatsu Ueda holds steady in the eighth position. Katsumura, on the other hand, continues to rise in the rankings from this win as he goes from #14 to #13 despite having not competed. No word yet on when either is set to return.

#9 Rani Yahya still clings to relevancy after losing to Mizugaki at WEC 48. Yahya's BJJ will likely give him entry to fighting the elite ranks of the bantamweight, but it's very difficult to see him putting together a title run anytime soon. No word yet on when he's set to return.

#10 Wagnney Fabiano also remains in the top ten. He only has one win at bantamweight, but (finally!) is set to return to action against #25 Frankie Gomez at WEC 49 on June 20. The fight is currently slated to be an undercard bout.

Based on the premise that all MMA rankings are subjective but that it’s still useful and informative to know who the online MMA community as a whole ranks as the best fighters in MMA, we collect and average the rankings of the top MMA websites to produce our consensus rankings. We compile the top MMA rankings from each of our sources and award 25 points for a first place ranking, 16 for a 10th place ranking, 1 for a 25th place ranking. A formula is used to "normalize" the data so all fighters are awarded points from those lists that do not include a full 25 fighters. This formula ensures that each ranking site awards the same number of total points regardless of how many fighters they choose to rank. Each fighter’s total is divided by the number of possible points to determine their standing in the Consensus Rankings.

We are now moving to what JCS of Fight Matrix has described as assumed rankings in an attempt to rank fighters who move between weight classes. This has been the biggest problem with the consensus rankings and we believe this new methodology will rectify that.

Let's take Anderson Silva for instance. 87% (13 of 15) of our panelists have him at Light Heavyweight and 100% (15 of 15) at Middleweight. On the 13 ballots that ranked Silva at 205, we took the average (21.2). We then reduced that number by half the percentage of Light Heavyweight ballots that he was not included on. Say he's not on 30% of them, then we do a 15% penalty on the average that we found in the previous step. That number is then used instead of the usual "normalization number" to provide points from those not ranking the fighter in the weight class in question. This avoids fighters being excessively penalized by confusion about which weight class they belong.

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