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MMA Nation on 106.7 The Fan Recap: ESPN's John Brenkus Talks Sport Science; Moosin, Strikeforce, UWC Recap; Vazquez vs. Marquez IV Talk; UFC 114 Preview

The fight I'm blanking on about UFC 117 is the Nelson vs. Dos Santos scrap, another fantastic affair for the summer.

1. We opened the show with talk of Saturday night's UWC 8 at the George Mason Patriot Center. I commentated while James covered it as credentialed media. We're both hot for the magic of John Dodson.

2. We then took some calls on the progression of Tyrone Woodley from this past Friday night's Strikeforce Challengers card. Some callers also issued their opinion that Rampage vs. Rashad is a terrible match-up for one Quinton Jackson.

3. The host of ESPN's "Sport Science" John Brenkus checked in with the show. He had a lot to say about MMA fighting and the athletes, but made one really interesting point: he argues wrestling is a much harder skill to learn later in life than boxing. Neither is by any means easy to master, but wrestling is one he believes is harder to become proficient at later in life. Check it out.

4. Chad Dukes, host of "The Lavar Arrington Show With Chad Dukes", called in to talk MMA. We discusses Moosin vs. Strikeforce in terms of quality and I make the case that despite the outrageously goofy atmospherics of Moosin, their card was assembled well for a smaller show looking to balance the checkbook. Almost.

5. Scott Christ, Managing Editor of, dropped by to talk Vazquez vs. Marquez IV, Mares vs. Perez and whether Juan Manuel Marquez will fight Amir Khan at 140lbs.

6. James Kimball covered all of the topics in the week in MMA.

7. We close out the show by looking at Rampage vs. Rashad in detail and take predictions on who will win from callers.

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