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UFC 114 Preview: Quote of the Day: Greg Jackson Talks Rashad Evans vs Quinton Rampage Jackson

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"I do know that [trash-talking] is a tool that has been used by a lot of people before. You have Muhammad Ali calling Floyd Patterson an "Uncle Tom" before their fight for example. How fighters conduct themselves is nothing new. They have the responsibility of selling fights, but you'd have to ask Rashad how personal that is.

"I don't think it's that serious. I think it's just a tool to get in [Rampage's] head. It has nothing to do with race. Again, you have a tradition of that kind of stuff -- people claiming that their opponents aren't true Mexicans or stuff like that. It's been going on for years. Rashad is so smart. People don't really understand how smart this guy is. He knows better than to get emotional or heated about it. I think he's going to be all business at fight time. I'm not worried at all about him getting drawn in and trying to knock Rampage out in 15 seconds. He's a real sharp and careful guy."

Sherdog talks to Greg Jackson, Rashad Evan's head coach.


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